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All Monkey & Son Coffees are Certified Fair Trade organically grown and processed by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) and/or by the OGBA (Organic Growers and Buyers Association) or another USDA certified agency.
coffee key: medium, dark, darker or darkest roast
Single-Origin Coffees
Papua New Guinea
A broad, rich, medium bodied cup with hints of grapefruit and chocolaty over tones.
darker roast

Outstanding body, with a sweet, smooth finish.
dark roast

A milder cup. Light on the tongue.

Lively and well-balanced with medium body.
dark roast

Very full body with a slightly sweet and earthy flavor.
darker roast

From the birthplace of coffee, this rare coffee is defined by it’s wild sharp tanginess and thick body. Very earthy and aromatic.
darker roast

Well balanced with a nice flavor snap. Medium body with full flavor.
darker roast

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Blended Coffees
Glaciers and Gods
In the late 80's, Val Haller (my bandmate in Autumnfair) and I made a record titled "Glaciers and Gods". I had become obsessed with Iceland, and the imagery from that part of the world inspired the title. This new blend is an homage to Val and the the terrific Nordic style coffees I've enjoyed on my travels in that part of the world. A bit lighter roast than our customers have come to expect, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised! A wonderful combination of coffees from Papua New Guinea, Nicaragua, and Colombia. We hope you enjoy it!
light roast

To commemorate my former bandmate Brad Laner and I sharing the same stage for the first time in over 25 years, we are offering our latest blend, "Medicine"!
A wonderful combination of Colombian, Ethiopian, Peruvian, and Guatemalan coffees in a hearty medium roast. Great as an every day drip coffee, but incredible as an espresso as well!
darker roast

Funfulla Italian Roast
Our own version of the classic “Italian roast”. An incredible blend of some of the finest certified fair trade organic coffees in the world.
darkest roast

A blend of Papua New Guinea roasted in a Viennese profile, and then post-roast blended with 25% of our Fook.
darker roast

A robust blend of Central American and African coffees taken to the same roast profile as our Krakatoa.
darkest roast

Velvet Hammer
Our biggest seller! A wonderful combination of coffees from around the world.
darker roast

Just east of Java! Our heartiest blend. Rich and smoky. A real connoisseur's cup!
darkest roast

Named after the Savage Republic song inspired by a run in with another band in the former Yugoslavia. Velvet Hammer with a left hook!
darkest roast

A rich blend that is also terrific as a drip coffee!
darker roast

French Roast
The old standard. Smooth, rich and smoky.
darkest roast

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Decaf Coffees
Decaf Vienna
100% Certified fair trade organic Decaf. Swiss water decaffinated coffee beans. A well balanced bean with full body and acidity.

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